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The best 5 switches in 2023

Feeling overwhelmed by the infinite options of switches on the market today?

Everyone wants to buy the switch that's tailor made for them. But it's easy to feel overwhelmed. Indeed, with so many choices, how are you supposed to choose?

We are excited to share some of the most well-received switches of the year.

If you don't want to waste your money buying switches you don't like, then read on. In this post, you'll learn about the best 5 switches to get in 2023. We think these are a great starting point for finding the best switch for you.

1. Gateron Baby Raccoons: Marbly Linear

These Baby Raccoons are an up-and-coming favorite in terms of linear switches.

Gateron Baby Raccoon

Whereas some switches such as the beloved Oil King and the North Pole have opted for a creamy and gummy type of feel, respectively, these Baby Raccoons rise above the noise and have won the attention of linear lovers.

We think one word best describes them: marbly. It feels and sounds both sharp and crisp.

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2. Jwick Semi-Silent Linear: Quiet, But With a Twist!

The Jwick Semi-Silent Linear switches are a true masterpiece of engineering. They offer the smooth and satisfying feel of a linear switch, while also reducing the amount of noise typically associated with such switches.

Jwick Semi-Silent Linear

The "twist" with these switches is that only the upstroke is silenced. When typing down, you'll still get a subdued and nuanced sound profile. But, due to their silicone dampening pads, these switches are entirely silent on the upstroke. This design is ingenious because frequently, the upstroke can actually be louder than the downstroke.

In terms of push feel, they feel smooth, but not overly polished.

3. TTC Flame Red: Must-Have for RGB Users

The TTC Flame Reds are characterized by a bouncy type feel and a subdued yet bassy sound profile. But these are not what makes these switches impressive.

TTC Flame Red

Take a closer look at the TTC Flame Reds and you'll see a transparent piece of plastic in its housing. It's this "light condenser" that makes this switch so special. These condensers make for the most beautiful RGB you can get from a switch.

Usually, switches play a passive role in a keyboard's aesthetics. However, this innovative switch here has elevated the status of switches to not only account for sound and feel, but also for visuals. That's what makes this switch so impressive.

4. Jwick Taro: A Scrumptious Tactile

One look at the Jwick Taro's creamy white housing and its namesake purple stem might make you think: this looks... yummy.

Jwick Taro

You wouldn't be wrong (well, mostly): these Jwick Taros are truly delectable switches to type on.

These Taros offer a satisfying and unique tactile experience. As you type, you'll feel a slight bump followed by a smooth and even resistance throughout the keystroke. The result is a highly precise and accurate typing experience that is both comfortable and enjoyable.

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5. TTC Silent Bluish White: Subdued Bumps

The TTC Silent Bluish White tactile switches are a joy to use! As you type, you'll feel a delightful little bump. Moreover, this is a silenced switch, meaning there will be minimal audio feedback as you type on them.

TTC Silent Bluish White

Imagine the sound of sinking into a soft, fluffy cloud every time you press down. When closing and eyes and typing on these delightful Silent Bluish Whites, that is exactly what our mind pictures.


We believe you can't go wrong with any of the switches above—they are all objectively great. Ultimately, though, switch choices are subjective. Make sure to listen to more sound tests and seek out the community for advice!