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Top 10 silent switches in 2024

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1. Most underrated

Linear: Jerrzi Honey Bean

Jerrzi Honey Bean

These switches stand out with their POM housings and Ly stem, known for its low coefficient of friction, contributing to their exceptional smoothness. With a 42g actuation, they are lighter than 85% of switches, perfect for lighter typists. The Honey Beans also feature a built-in light diffuser for enhanced RGB effects.

Tactile: Outemu Silent Yellow Jade

Outemu Silent Yellow Jade

These switches have quietly become one of Milktooth's bestsellers, and for good reason. Outemu, the manufacturer of the renowned Gazzew U4s, has created a great silent tactile switch with a medium to medium-heavy weight and a substantial tactile bump.

2. Stiffest

WS Silent Linear / WS Silent Tactile

WS Silent Linear

WS Silent Tactile

These switches address the issue of mushiness common in silent switches by using a unique silencing mechanism with cutouts instead of stem dampeners. This results in a much firmer feel compared to other silent switches, although they may not be quite as silent. Both switches have a 63.5g bottom-out, making them heavier than around 60% of switches, ideal for those who prefer a slightly stiffer typing experience.

Honorable mention: Gateron 0º

Gateron 0º

These linear switches use a unique approach to silencing with differently placed pads to diffuse the impact, resulting in a more substantial typing experience than the average silent switch. The dual-rail design enhances the smoothness of each keystroke.

3. Budget

Akko Penguin (tactile) / Akko Fairy (linear)



Akko is known for offering the best bang-for-your-buck switches, and their silent options are no exception. Both the Penguin tactiles and Fairy linears provide a soft, pillowy typing feel with a short travel distance of 3.3mm. At around 31 cents per switch, you save 27% on them exclusively at Milktooth, with free shipping on orders over $49.

Honorable mention: Durock Silent T1

Durock Silent T1

These switches have a heavier 67g bottom-out and a more pronounced, stepped tactile bump, appealing to users who prefer a more substantial typing feel and a sharper tactile sensation.

4. Super quiet… but not silent

TTC Neptune / TTC Venus

TTC Neptune

TTC Venus

These switches feature a unique rail structure that ensures exceptional smoothness and minimal stem wobble throughout the entire keystroke. The tracks result in a more streamlined and smoother typing experience. Both switches have bottom-out forces lighter than approximately 80% of all available switches, perfect for users who prefer a lighter typing experience without compromising on smoothness or stability.

Honorable mention: Gazzew U4

Gazzew U4

The U4s offer a more intense, rounded tactile experience reminiscent of a light switch flick. Unlike switches that fade into the background, the U4s make their presence known with every keystroke.

5. Best overall

Linear: TTC Silent Frozen

TTC Silent Frozen

This premium linear switch features a lengthened, silver-plated spring for a snappy feel, and a unique gasket on the stem with additional dampeners inside the switch for exceptional silencing. The factory lube job ensures silky smooth keystrokes, and the 43g bottom-out makes it very lightweight.

Tactile: TTC Silent Bluish White

TTC Silent Bluish White

For those who prefer a medium-light tactile switch, the Silent Bluish White offers a subtle yet satisfying tactile bump and a 50g bottom-out force. The sound is reminiscent of gentle rain tapping on a window – soft, soothing, and never distracting.

These switches have a universal appeal, making them the safest picks for silent switches. They strike a balance between weight and feel, offering a premium, refined experience that TTC is known for.