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Top 5 creamy switches in 2023

In this article, we will explore five remarkable creamy switches, many of which are often overlooked or underrated.

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1. Aqua King - Smoothest

Everglide Aqua King

Kicking things off at the top of our list today, we have the Aqua Kings. Time and again, these switches have carved their space in numerous builds – and yes, they've made a standout impression in mine as well. Moreover, the 62g bottom-out nails that balance – it's not dragging you down, yet it's not too fleeting.

Now, throughout the years, I've used over 150 plus switches, and I can tell you this – the factory lube job on the Aqua Kings is genuinely one of a kind. In the sea of switches I've tried, nothing quite matches the refined smoothness that Everglide has managed to achieve here.

And when it comes to value, the Aqua Kings hold their ground. At a price of $5.45 for a set of 10, this unique offering is exclusively available at Milktooth.

2. Milky Yellow Pro - Best budget option

Milky Yellow Pro

For those wallet-conscious enthusiasts, the Milky Yellow Pros, priced at just $2.30 for 10, emerge as the go-to budget creamy switch. Their distinct characteristic is this sort of thickness in their feel. If Aqua Kings offer the sensation of effortlessly skating across ice, the Milky Yellows deliver a more molasses-like experience.

And let's talk sound. Their "thock"–that coveted, low-pitched note cherished in the keyboard community–is impressively pronounced. If you're chasing that deeper auditory feedback from a creamy switch, the Milky Yellow Pros are undeniably a top contender.

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3. Oil King - Best premium option

Oil King

Now, let’s talk about the Gateron Oil Kings: the epitome of premium in the world of creamy switches. What sets them apart is their rich, deep, and snappy sound signature. Plus, they offer a buttery feel, and if you're after something substantial under your fingertips, these might just top your list. With a 65 gram bottom-out, they're the heaviest hitters in this roundup. The unique Gateron INK housing, a blend exclusive to Gateron, gives them an edge in quality. Coming in at $6.15 per 10, these Oil Kings are the top-tier premium pick in the creamy switch realm.

4. BCP - Most novel


Now let’s talk about the Black Cherry Pies, or BCPs, for short. These switches come with a rich backstory.

Initially, BCPs weren’t something you'd pick off the shelf. They were the handiwork of enthusiasts creating their own "Frankenswitch" by dissecting and combining elements from different switches.

Thankfully, those days are behind us. Sarokeys offers a ready-made version, making the BCP experience available to everybody. And here's the kicker: they're priced at just $4.85 for 10 at Milktooth, which is less than half of what the original Frankenswitch would have cost you.

Now, while I don't have the original BCPs for a side-by-side comparison, these modern iterations offer a deep, resonating sound signature, combined with a shorter travel distance—ideal for those who prefer a crisp, sharp feel. But the highlight? For me, it's the bounce. There's a tautness, an intensity that sets these switches apart. Out of all the creamy switches we're discussing today, the BCPs carve out a niche for themselves with their combination of creaminess and a distinctly energetic feel.

5. WS Morandi - Best overall

WS Morandi

The Wuque Studio Morandis are probably the best all-rounder creamy switches. Their UPE stem isn't just a fancy term–it actually delivers a smooth gliding experience with every keypress. In particular, the factory lube job is truly top notch.

Sound-wise, you're looking at a medium-low pitch. Focusing more on the type feel, in contrast to the Milky Yellow Pros, which have that thick, honey-like touch, the Morandis offer a uniquely silky sensation.

This switch is also great if you have RGB, since these have removable light diffusers built into the housings.

As for the price, at $3.75 for 10, you're not looking at the most affordable, but considering the quality? Worth every cent. The weight? It's balanced–not making your fingers work too hard, but not making it too easy either. So in my opinion, the Morandis are the Goldilocks of creamy switches–they are just right.

Note on sound

While the switches we discussed undoubtedly deliver a creamy tactile experience, achieving that sought-after creamy sound requires a bit more attention to detail. Remember, the right switches set the stage, but they're just part of the symphony.

So for those aiming to fine-tune the acoustic profile of their boards, here are three quick pointers.

Number one: keycaps matter. Consider deep-sounding options like Cerakeys keycaps, which are ceramic-based, since they can significantly influence the sound.

Number two: board mods. Introducing foam, specifically PE foam, can be a game-changer. It dampens those higher-pitched, "clacky" noises that might disrupt the creamy auditory experience.

Number three: choose your plate wisely. Softer plates, such as polycarbonate, tend to mellow out the sound, contrasting with the sharper tones produced by stiffer plates like aluminum.

But again, choosing the correct switches is absolutely essential. On Milktooth, make sure to check the filter for creamy switches to display only the most relevant switches for you. Also, save 27% on average when buying switches from Milktooth and enjoy free shipping on orders over $49.