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Top 5 light tactile switches in 2024

It has long been thought that the more tactile a switch is, the better it must be, so much so that the entire light tactile category has been dismissed.

But as great as switches like the U4Ts and Holy Pandas are, for some, a more subtle approach to tactility can be even more satisfying.

So in this article, we’re going to look at our top picks for light tactile switches that offer just a tinge of tactility.

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Most underrated pick: WS Light Tactile

Wuque Studio WS Light Tactile

First up on our list is the WS Light Tactile (not exactly the most creative name out there).

But an important thing to know is that these switches are designed by Wuque Studio. If that name sounds familiar, it's probably because you've heard of their other big hit: the WS Morandi linears. The Morandis have become one of the most popular creamy switches on the market, and for good reason - they’ve got a smooth, buttery keystroke that's hard to beat.

But now, Wuque Studio is bringing that same level of expertise to the world of light tactile switches. And the results speak for themselves.

For starters, they've got a seriously smooth keystroke, which is pretty impressive considering they also manage to pack in a snappy and perceptible tactile bump. Plus, its 50 gram bottom-out is lighter than 90% of switches out there. This light, smooth, and snappy tactile bump make for a really satisfying combination.

These switches have a neutral sound signature that's just as subtle as their tactile bump.

Budget pick: Akko Lavender Purple Pro

Akko Lavender Purple Pro

Now let's talk about the Akko Lavender Purple Pro switch, our budget-friendly pick that punches well above its weight class.

The Lavender Purple Pros are all about balance. These switches feature a satisfying yet not overwhelming tactile bump and a higher-pitched, snappy sound profile. I find a crisp, polished sound with them, and to me, the feel is really quite bouncy which I’m a big fan of. It’s a bit heavier than the Light Tactiles we just talked about though. The bottom-out here is 55 grams, making it lighter than three-quarters of all switches. So still light all things considered, but not ultra light.

Plus, you can save 29% on these switches by purchasing them exclusively at Milktooth. We pride ourselves on offering the best deals on switches, and the Lavender Purple Pros are no exception. While they typically retail for much more elsewhere, you can snag a set of 10 for just $2.20 at Milktooth and get free shipping on orders over $49. I’ll link them down in the description.

Loud pick: Beer

Gateron Beer

Now let’s talk about the most unique switch today–the Gateron Beer.

Usually, when we talk about light tactile switches, we're talking about two things: the spring weight and the size of the tactile bump. Most of the time, these two things go hand in hand. A lighter spring weight usually means a smaller tactile bump, and vice versa.

But the Beer throws that traditional formula out the window. These switches have a light spring weight at 50 grams, which is lighter than 90% of all switches out there. But the thing is, they also have a huge tactile bump. It's a combination that makes for a typing experience that's unlike anything else on this list.

When you press down on a Gateron Beer switch, you're greeted with this massive tactile bump. But because the spring weight is so light, it doesn't feel heavy or fatiguing. It's this trippy sensation that's hard to describe, but it’s really novel and unique.

Plus, the Gateron Beer switches have a loud, pronounced sound signature, perfect for those looking for high-pitched clacks.

Silent pick: Silent Bluish White

TTC Silent Bluish White

Sometimes, when you want some subdued tactility, you also need some subdued sound. So the TTC Silent Bluish Whites contrast nicely to the Beers we just talked about.

With a 50g bottom-out force, which is lighter than 90% of switches, these switches are light and feature a subtle tactility. And that's what makes these switches so great for extended typing sessions. Your fingers won't get fatigued, but you'll still get that satisfying tactile feedback with every keystroke.

Plus, when you're typing on Silent Bluish Whites, it's like a gentle rain tapping against a window. It's soft, soothing, and almost therapeutic. It's the kind of sound that just fades into the background, never intruding on your thoughts or distracting you from your work.

We exclusively offer these switches at just $4.63 per 10. These usually go for $6.60 per 10, so you’d be saving over 30% on these switches at Milktooth .

Best overall: Matcha

KTT Matcha

Now let's talk about the switch that takes the top spot for best overall light tactile: the KTT Matcha.

I know the name might make you think of a green tea, but these switches are actually more of a neon green sports drink color.

But what really makes the Matchas stand out is their feel. One commenter dubbed these Matchas the "zoomer MX Brown," which is actually a pretty apt description.

See, the MX Browns, aside from their light tactility, are known for their distinctive scratchiness, which people used to dislike but have kind of come around on. The Matchas, on the other hand, are like a smoother, more refined version of that.

These switches are lubed to perfection, which gives them a super smooth feel. And the weight is ultra light, coming in at just 45 grams, which is lighter than 98% of all switches out there. It's definitely a more traditional light tactility, as opposed to something like the Beers.

And that's what makes the Matchas so great. They're not too quiet, not too loud, and they've got just the right amount of tactility. It's a balance that makes them appealing to a wide range of people. In fact, if someone asked me to recommend a light tactile switch without knowing anything else about their preferences, I'd probably suggest the Matchas–it’s the safest choice by far.


In conclusion, light tactile switches offer a unique and satisfying typing experience that's perfect for those who want a more subtle approach to tactility. From the smooth and snappy WS Light Tactiles to the budget-friendly Akko Lavender Purple Pros, there's a light tactile switch out there for everyone.

For those who crave a unique and pronounced tactile bump, the Gateron Beers deliver an unparalleled experience with their massive bump and light spring weight. On the other hand, if you need a switch that's both light and silent, the TTC Silent Bluish Whites provide a gentle and soothing typing experience.

But if you're looking for the best overall light tactile switch, look no further than the KTT Matchas. With their ultra-light weight, smooth feel, and just the right amount of tactility, they're the perfect balance of all the best features of light tactile switches.

No matter which switch you choose, you can't go wrong with any of these top picks for light tactile switches. Each one offers a distinct and satisfying typing experience that's sure to elevate your keyboard game to the next level.