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Top 5 tactile switches in 2023

In this article, we will explore five remarkable tactile switches, many of which are often overlooked or underrated.

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1. Kailh Plum

Kailh Plum

When one thinks of a heavy switch, the expectation is usually a high level of tactility. However, that is not the case with the Kailh Plums. These switches are weighty, but their tactile bump is not overly pronounced. The unique sensation they provide is challenging to describe, but it undeniably offers a satisfying heft that sets them apart from other switches.

One notable advantage of these switches is their resistance to bottoming out. For proficient typists, constantly bottoming out keys can be bothersome. With the Plums, this issue is alleviated as it requires additional effort to fully depress the keys, creating a gratifying experience for many.

The sound profile of the Plums is relatively neutral.

Overall, if you seek a switch that deviates from the conventional options, exploring the Kailh Plums is highly recommended. The combination of weight, tactility, and the unique typing experience they provide truly sets them apart.

2. Kailh Box Royal

Kailh Box Royal

For those desiring both a substantial tactile bump and significant weight, the Kailh Box Royals are an excellent choice. These switches offer an intense workout for your fingers, resulting in a satisfying typing experience. Prepare yourself, as these switches are not to be taken lightly.

The actuation force of the Box Royals is a staggering 70g, surpassing the average tactile switch. Consequently, more force is required to register a keystroke, catering to heavy typists seeking an enjoyable challenge. Furthermore, the tactile bump of these switches is sharp and pronounced, further enhancing the typing experience.

Overall, the Box Royals are an ideal option for individuals in search of a weighty and highly tactile switch. While they may not suit everyone's preferences, those who appreciate a switch that works out their fingers will find the Box Royals to be an excellent choice.

3. KTT Matcha

KTT Matcha

On the opposite end of the weight spectrum, we have the KTT Matcha switches (we think their appearance might resemble Lime Gatorade rather than Matcha). These Matcha switches offer a remarkably gentle typing experience.

The Matcha switches have an actuation force of merely 40g and a bottom-out force of 45g, making them lighter than 97% of other switches. These characteristics make them particularly appealing to individuals who prefer a lighter touch while typing or those who need to type for extended periods without straining their fingers.

Despite their lightness, these switches still provide satisfying tactile feedback. Although the tactile bump may not be as prominent as in other switches, it remains noticeable and enjoyable to type on.

Overall, the Matcha switches are an excellent choice for work or school, especially when typing for extended durations. They offer a typing experience that minimizes finger fatigue compared to heavier switches, while still providing enjoyable tactile feedback.

4. TTC Silent Bluish White

TTC Silent Bluish White

For those seeking a quiet typing experience, especially in environments such as offices or shared living spaces, the TTC Silent Bluish White switches are an excellent choice. These switches feature built-in dampeners that effectively reduce the sound produced when bottoming out. As a result, they offer a significantly quieter operation compared to other tactile switches. Typing on these switches generates gentle thuds akin to raindrops falling against a window.

Overall, if you desire tactile feedback while prioritizing a silent operation, the TTC Silent Bluish White switches are a highly recommended option.

5. Gateron Baby Kangaroo

Gateron Baby Kangaroo

Among the four switches discussed thus far, all of which are remarkable in their own right, the Gateron Baby Kangaroos stand out as the best overall tactile switch. These switches offer a crisp and resonant typing experience, with a unique marbly feel that adds to the satisfaction.

Equipped with a double-staged spring, the Baby Kangaroos provide an extra bouncy sensation while typing. The tactile bump is satisfyingly sharp and snappy, without overwhelming the user.

Furthermore, the sound profile of these switches is truly exceptional. The long pole stem contributes to a resonant sound that enhances the typing experience.

Overall, the Gateron Baby Kangaroos are highly impressive switches that deserve serious consideration. They add a touch of flair to your typing experience. While personal preferences vary, if a versatile and well-rounded tactile switch is what you seek, the Baby Kangaroos are an excellent choice.


In summary, the top 5 tactile switches of 2023 offer a range of options to suit different typing preferences. Whether you prioritize weight, tactility, lightness, silence, or an overall exceptional typing experience, there is a switch on this list that is sure to meet your needs. Explore these switches and enhance your typing journey with the perfect tactile switch for you.