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Top 5 smoothest switches in 2024

The truth is, with how good factory lubing has gotten, you don’t need to do the painstaking work of lubing your own switches anymore. In 2024, you can get something that feels silky smooth straight out of the box. So, in this article, we will look at the top 5 smoothest switches in 2024.

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Most unique: Sea Glass

Durock Sea Glass

To begin, these colorful Sea Glass switches from Durock undoubtedly take center stage when it comes to smooth switches.

The best ways to describe these Sea Glass linear switches are airy and wispy. You might think this is solely due to factory lube, especially if you've tried switches like the Aqua Kings which we’ll talk about next. But the Sea Glass brings something different to the table. That inherent dryness, paired with the unique hollow character, redefines what smooth can really feel like.

The materials used are definitely worth a mention. While I'm not one to overemphasize materials, with these switches, it's a defining factor. The stem is crafted from Durock’s exclusive P3+ plastic blend, while the housing is a meticulous blend of polymer nylon and UPE. Together, they elevate the overall typing experience.

Here's something you might not expect - these switches bottom out at 62g. Sounds pretty standard, right? After all, 62g is the average bottom-out force of all switches out there. but in practice, they feel significantly lighter, underscoring their impeccable smoothness.

And then there's the sound. These switches have this unique, kinda hollow sound signature to them that caught me off guard in a good way. It's distinct and really sets them apart.

Speaking of sound, the long pole stem of the Sea Glass is noteworthy. Many similar long-pole switches are bright and clacky, but the Sea Glass opts for a more moderate volume. The bottom-out? A rich, medium-low pitch.

And to those RGB fans out there: Sea Glass switches feature a light diffuser for optimal RGB diffusion.

Classic: Aqua King

Everglide Aqua King

Now let’s take a look at the Everglide Aqua Kings, which I’d say are the most classic switches when it comes to smoothness.

Obviously, these aren’t as classic as Cherry switches or anything, but I think the Aqua Kings really were the first and enduring example of a great factory lubed switch. But I think these switches are like Cherry in that despite always new entrants to the market, these are an enduring stay.

So let’s talk about what gives them that enduring power.

I've been hands-on with, I'd say, over 150 switches over time, and the Aqua Kings? The factory lube job is something else. Everglide’s really nailed it here. Among all the switches I've tested, these stand out with that unique smoothness. Compared to those Sea Glass switches, which have a more delicate smoothness, Aqua Kings feel more lush and creamy. Moreover, the 62g bottom-out makes it heavier, or lighter, than half of all switches out there. It's right in the middle weight-wise, not too light, not too heavy, just perfect. And, even though these switches feature polycarbonate housings, expect a deeper sound signature with these Aqua Kings.

Modern and clacky: Xinhai

HMX Xinhai

Since we just talked about a classic, let’s juxtapose that with something decidedly modern. These Xinhai switches are from a new manufacturer called HMX, and they’ve been getting all the buzz.

When these Xinhais first came out, I only stocked a little bit of them, just to test the market. But one day some guy DM’d me to see if I have any and I said yes. And the fact I had some “secret stash” of Xinhais started spreading like wildfire: I’d get Discord DM’s all day from people all over the world who wanted Xinhais. And so I sold out of them before I even had a chance to list them on our website, which I found kind of amusing.

But you don’t need to do that anymore–HMX is now ramping up production to handle this increased demand. And you can get them right on Milktooth, where we offer the best prices on switches–you save 27% on average–plus get free shipping on orders over $49.

But let’s talk more about the Xinhais specifically. These are super smooth, and HMX has done a wonderful job with the factory lubing here. I concur with everybody here that for being a new manufacturer, they’ve hit it out of the park with the factory lube. They’re just so good out of the box already.

The typing feel is quite bouncy and snappy with a more condensed travel distance of 3.4mm. These are super light too, so if you’re a lighter typist, you’ll love that the Xinhais’ actuation force of just 37g is lighter than 99% of all switches out there. As of making this video, there's no switch lighter on our site. Plus, expect a bright and clacky sound signature with these switches.

Most innovative and thocky: Venus/Neptune

TTC Venus

TTC Neptune

If you want to be at the forefront of innovation, then the Venus and Neptune switches are for you. These feature a game-changing technology to create the smoothest typing experience possible. Also, these Venus and Neptunes are pretty much the same switch, just with different colors, so I’ll be talking about them interchangeably.

Indeed, they have nearly identical actuation and bottom-out forces, with only a slight difference of about 2 grams between them. These are very light all things considered, lighter than around three-quarters of all switches out there.

We’ll have to open them up to see why these switches are so unique. Here is the top housing of a normal switch, and here is the top housing of the Venus. You’ll notice something jutting out here. This is a unique track structure found exclusively in the Venus and Neptune switches.

In short, for the entirety of the keystroke, the stem will be gliding against this track. What this results in is a switch that is structurally smoother than other switches on the market. To me, they feel really considered and refined.

When it comes to sound, I would say the sound signature is neutral to the deeper side of things; a bit of “thock” even.

Best overall: WS Morandi

Wuque Studio WS Morandi

But for my best overall smoothest switch, I’m gonna have to give it to the Wuque Studio Morandis.

Their UPE stem isn't just a fancy term–it actually delivers a smooth gliding experience every keypress. Focusing more on the type feel, the Morandis offer a uniquely silky sensation due to its excellent factory lube. Plus, you’ll find an 18mm double-staged spring that helps create a lively typing feel as well.

And these are medium weight: its bottom-out weight of 60 grams is like the Aqua King, meaning it’s palatable to most.

When it comes to loudness, the Morandis deliver a sound that leans towards a medium-low pitch. This is in part due to its all POM housing. The sound signature here is rather subdued, striking a pleasant balance—it's neither whisper-quiet nor overwhelmingly loud. It's nestled in this sweet spot that many would find at the very least acceptable, if not downright enjoyable.


In conclusion, the world of smooth linear switches has seen remarkable advancements, with a diverse range of options available to keyboard enthusiasts. The Sea Glass switches from Durock stand out as the most unique, offering an airy and wispy typing experience thanks to their exclusive P3+ stem and polymer nylon/UPE housing blend. For those seeking a classic smoothness, the Aqua Kings remain an enduring choice with their exceptional factory lube and balanced weight. On the other hand, the Xinhai switches represent the modern and clacky end of the spectrum, with their light actuation force and bright sound signature. Innovation takes center stage with the Venus and Neptune switches, featuring a game-changing track structure that ensures unparalleled smoothness. However, the Wuque Studio Morandi switches claim the title of best overall, boasting a silky typing feel, lively double-staged springs, and a pleasant, medium-low pitch sound. With such a wide array of smooth linear switches to choose from, keyboard enthusiasts can find their perfect match based on their preferences for uniqueness, classic feel, modernity, innovation, or overall excellence.