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PH Studio

Milk Tea Linear Switch

DescriptionThe PH Studio Milk Tea linear switch, manufactured by BSUN, presents a unique auditory blend—it possesses a fairly high-pitched sound, yet retains a muted essence, creating a gentle balance between presence and subtlety. With an accessible bottom-out of just 43.5g, it's designed with prolonged typing sessions in mind. The use of Ly for the stem material enhances this ease, ensuring every keystroke feels effortless. Indeed, the Milk Tea switch is an ideal companion for keyboards tailored to those with extensive typing needs.
Technical data

Type: Linear

Actuation force: 37.5g

Bottom out force: 43.5g

Total travel: 3.6mm

Mount type: PCB (5-pin)

Top housing material: POM

Bottom housing material: POM

Factory lubed



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