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Plum Tactile Switch

DescriptionThese Plums feel quite hefty but don't feature a huge tactile bump, making it incredibly unique. This comes in contrast to many other tactile switches where tactility and weightiness are highly correlated. We find the sound profile to be neutral and enjoyable.
Technical data

Type: Tactile

Bottom out force: 70g

Total travel: 3.6mm

Mount type: Plate (3-pin)

Top housing material: Polycarbonate

Bottom housing material: Nylon


10 switches per order

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  1. Box White

    Kailh Box White


    $2.76 per 10

  2. Box Royal

    Kailh Box Royal


    $6.25 per 10

  3. BCP

    Kailh BCP



    $4.75 per 10